Pet Parent Tips and Tricks Week 1

Pet Parent Tips and Tricks - Week 1



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1. Five Books We Reccomend For Dog Training and Behaviour

2. Seven Most Important Commands

3. Tips For Cleaning Your Dogs Ears

Here Is A Recap Of Our Weekly Pet Parenting Posts:

1. Five Books We Reccomend For Dog Training and Behaviour

Training your Dog can be the most rewarding experience for both you and your pup. The benefits that training provides is immeasurable. Not only does training create a strong bond between yourself and your pup, but it also provides structure, balance, trust and obedience.

All dogs require basic training. No ifs, ands or buts. However some dogs can also benefit immensely from advanced training and other obedience training. It can also be fun and mentally stimulating for your pup to learn different tricks and commands with you.

Here Are The 5 Books We Recommend For Dog Training:

Zak George's Dog Training Revolution: The Complete Guide to Raising the Perfect Pet with Love

Don't Shoot The Dog by Karen Pryor

The Other End Of The Leash by Patricia McConnell

The Power of Positive Dog Training by Pat Miller

Decoding Your Dog by American College of Veterinary Behaviorists

Although these are our top 5 choices, there are tons of amazing authors and puppy training books to delve into. If books arent your thing, you can check out these authors youtube channels and watch dog training videos. We hope these books help you in your training journey.

2. Seven Most Important Commands

Every pup needs training. Whether its obedience training, basic training, agility training, behavioural training. It's all important! However sometimes, we need to focus on the MOST important pieces, the basics, the first steps so to speak.

We have done the research and taken the time to compile a list of the 7 most important and widely understood commands that every dog owner needs to implement into their dogs training. These 7 commands are the backbone of every good dog (although they're all good dogs in our books!). Behaviour and obedience are only as good as the trainers patience and determination. Keep working on these 7commands with your pup daily, and you'll be sure have a noticably calmer, better behaved and more trustworthy pet.

The 7 Most Important Commands For Your Dog:

▪️ Sit

▪️ Stay

▪️ Leave It

▪️ No

▪️ Down

▪️ Come

▪ Heel

By implementing these 7 basic training commands, your pup will be well on their way to being happy, healthy and obedient in all aspects of their life.

3. Tips For Cleaning Your Dogs Ears

Ear Cleaning day! Not only does this benefit the dog by keeping a routine and getting them used to the process, but it also prevents serious infections and medical emergencies.

Ear infections usually look like dark brown matter or dirt, and can be accompanied by redness and swelling. Other sypmtoms include itchiness, odour and head shaking. If left untreated, Ear infections can cause balance issues, pain, swelling, hemotomas, further infection and paralysis.

Neglecting regular ear cleaning can lead to severe infections from bacteria, yeast or a combination of the two. Over-cleaning can also lead to infections. Breeds that have floppy ears are more prone to infections as well as those that enjoy regular swims.

Moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria. Other causes of ear infections can be caused by allergies, ear mites, parasites, dirt and debris, masses and polyps and more.

Here are some helpful tips to keep your pups ears clean, healthy and happy.

▪ Do this in a bathroom as it can be a messy job!

▪ Clean your dogs ears with a QUALITY enzymatic solution. Fill the ear canal and massage gently into the canal.

▪ Wipe any excess dirt, debris and solution with a cotton pad from the visible part of your pups ears with your finger

▪ Reward them with a treat when you're finished

▪ NEVER use Q-Tips on dogs

▪ Do NOT Use Hydrogen Peroxide

▪ Know What a healthy ear looks and smells like

▪ Check your pups ears after every swim or bath

▪ Take your pup for regular check ups

Knowledge is power. The more informed you are the better prepared you are, and the healthier and happier your pet will be.


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