Who We Are, What We Stand For

Hand made. Sustainable. Quality.
Located in Bowmanville Ontario, Canada and serving Canada and the U.S.
Design Studio began in January 2021, and was founded by myself (Kris) with the sole purpose of creating quality handcrafted pieces that generations to come will enjoy. I design and create 100% hand made home decor, personalized art, natural self care products and pet items and accessories.
I encourage you to contact me with questions, custom order requests and unique design ideas, whatever they may be. I thrive on customer satisfaction and love making those unique visions come to life.

Design Studio Vision:

To make a positive impact in our communities with entirely hand made, local and quality pet items that are made to last. Through our sales and art, we see a future where we improve the quality of life for homeless pets with giving back to the shelters and community animal programs. We wish to leave the world a little brighter every day.

Design Studio Mission:

To provide our customers with a quality product and serve our communities worldwide by creating art, decor and beautiful custom pieces that tell a story and will last a lifetime. We are on a mission to create a healthier and happier planet, with a more sustainable environment for future generations both on two feet and four paws.

Design Studio Goal:

To provide the most exceptional client experience and the most attentive customer support to our clients and community by maintaining strong rapport, building lasting trust and leaving a positive impact in the lives of humans and pets in all we do. 

Our Commitment To Sustainability:

At Design Studio, We Value Sustainability And We Care Deeply About The Planet.

We Believe That To Make A Real Impact, We Can't Stop There. We Needed To Do More. To Better Help Our Ecosystems Grow And Thrive We Pack And Ship Everything With Recyclable Materials, Use Recycled Materials For Our Business Cards And Packaging Fillers, And Email Invoices, Packing Slips And Other Forms To Save On Paper Usage And Waste.

With Your Help We Are Improving The Environment And Creating A More Sustainable Future.

Together, We Are Creating Change.