Our Values

Our Vision:

We see a future where both human and four-legged friends can thrive in their environments. A future where we can all find comfort and peace in the place we call home. We, at Design Studio By Kris, strive to make a positive impact by creating the finest quality pet items with incredible care and attention to each pet parents needs. We do not believe in a future that supports and contributes to the over-consumption of consumer-purchased items ending up in landfills and ruining the planet and all its ecosystems. Which is why we make amazing artisanal items the way that we do. Designed and created with longevity and sustainability in mind.

Our Mission:

We are on a mission to create a healthier and happier planet, with a more sustainable environment for future generations both on two feet and four paws. 

Through the connections we make and art we create, we are committed to pursuing our dream of a future where we substantially improve the overall quality of life for homeless people and pets by providing support, care and donations to shelters and community animal programs. 

Our Goal:

Our goal is to grow our small business and move toward the ability to give even more support and resorces to our community shelters and animal rescue missions, and truly improve the quality of life for those who are in a place of need. We believe that by creating good rapport, strong communication and by continuously building strong relationships, wonderful connections and lasting impressions with our products and services, we are well on our way to creating this reality. 

Our Commitment to Sustainability:

We care deeply about the planet. And we believe that in order to make a real difference, it can't stop there. It can not be simply about "caring". We need to do more. In a small business capacity, we have come up with ways in which we can better impact the environment by using measures to ensure as little waste as possible, use more eco-consious materials in our creations, and improve the way we package and ship our items. We purchase carbon offsetting for every order, and encourage our customers to participate in carbon offset incentives as well. 

To better help our environment, we have vowed to pack and ship everything with reusable or recyclable materials, use recycled materials for packaging fillers and business advertising, create an online-only system for instructional care-cards, promotional content, invoicing and packing slips, and use biodegradable or recyclable materials for shipping our items. This helps to reduce waste that would otherwise be put in the landfills, and helps to ensure a better carbon footprint with a greener business foundation.

To learn more about how we support the environment and remove carbon from the air through our small business incentives, please read our Climate Commitment here. 🌱

 Support for groundbreaking carbon removal technologies.

With Your Help We Are Improving The Environment And Creating A More Sustainable Future.

Together, We Are Creating Change.